Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Lab 4: White Balance


WB: Auto

WB: Thungsten

WB: Custom

Two Different Colours Light

WB: Auto
With the auto white balance, we can see that it's way less warm than the other two. One part of her face is more on the greenish side and the other is in the warm colours. 

WB: Shade
With the "shade" white balance, the contrast of seeing two different is not as obvious like in the first picture. The entire photo is on the warm colours side.

WB: Fluorescent 
With the fluorescent white balance, we can see more of a contrast between two colours than the middle photograph. The picture is, I would say, more on the magenta-ish side. 

Wrong WB

 WB: Cloudy
Clearly using the "cloudy" white balance in an interior environment is definitely not pretty. It's warmer than it should be. The feel of this picture is (also because of his face expression) something that reminds me of an old action movie. 

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