Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lab 6: Histograms



Variety of Tones

A. In my high-key photo, the pixels fall more on the right of the histogram.
B. When the pixels are completely white, they have no informations in them or when it's overexposed.
C. In my low-key image, the pixels fall more on the left of the histogram.
D. The areas where it is completely or almost black. 
E. I would say that the pixels fall more in the middle of the histogram.
F. The areas where it's completely dark and completely overexposed or white. 
G. Yes because while shooting I can see the histogram in the live view, so I can control the high-key and low-key. We can see the difference between of the two.
H. I would say that the variety of tones shows the most dynamic range because it touches different areas of the histogram. Some pixels are in the high-key zone, some are in the low-key zone and most are in the middle. 

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